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Mobility is changing at CERN

Contribute to the evolution of mobility at CERN by taking a new survey

Mobility at CERN (_2022_)
(Image: CERN)

For many years, CERN has been committed to providing mobility solutions for its entire community, facilitating access to and movement around the sites.

The SCE department is responsible for providing and maintaining the infrastructure and services needed to enable people to move around the CERN sites easily. For several months, a working group comprising representatives from all sectors of the Organization has been rethinking the overall mobility strategy to align it with emerging needs: sustainability, low carbon emissions, variety and flexibility of supply, connectivity, and so on. 

At present, CERN users have access to a varied range of vehicle rentals: cars for daily use on the CERN sites (car sharing) or for three-month (car rental) to four-year (departmental car fleets) rental periods, electric or standard bicycles for half-day (bike sharing) or longer-term (bicycle rental) rental, electric scooters from June to September (eScooter sharing) and dedicated transport for groups (transportation) and regular shuttle services (shuttles) throughout the year.

The mobility working group wants to position the user at the centre of CERN’s new mobility policy and develop a user-oriented and environmentally friendly range of services. In a dense, cross-border urban area, this is a major challenge. This is why this week, the group is launching a survey to assess the practices and needs of people who use mobility services at CERN:

Survey in French

Survey in English

This survey echoes the one conducted in 2018, which led to the elaboration of the first mobility plan in 2019. Due to global warming and the energy crisis of recent years, a new approach to mobility is being developed. It focuses not only on urban planning and motorised traffic, but also on human needs and the active participation of users in discussions around mobility issues.

We therefore strongly encourage you to take the 15 minutes or so needed to complete this survey. Your input will be extremely useful in determining the next steps in the development of mobility at CERN.