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New ALICE management takes over from January 2023

ALICE management 2023
New ALICE management: Marco van Leeuwen (centre) with Kai Schweda (left) and Bedangadas Mohanty (right) (Image: CERN)

Marco van Leeuwen, senior scientist at Nikhef (Netherlands), has taken over from Luciano Musa as ALICE spokesperson as of early January 2023. He will lead the collaboration for the coming three years. Elected by the ALICE Collaboration Board, Marco comes to the position after serving as the upgrade coordinator for the last three years, and as ALICE physics coordinator prior to that. The new management team includes deputy spokespersons Kai Schweda, senior scientist at the GSI Helmholtz Centre in Darmstadt, Germany, and Bedangadas Mohanty, professor of physics at the National Institute of Science Education and Research in Bhubaneswar, India.

The new team is looking forward to collecting several large data samples with the upgraded ALICE detector during Run 3, including the first heavy-ion data taking of Run 3 later this year, as well as preparing for the ITS 3 and FoCal upgrades and the ALICE 3 programme.

Find out more about the new management on the ALICE website.