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The new-look Bulletin has arrived!

Get all of the news on the CERN Community website and in the CERN Community Bulletin newsletter

The new-look Bulletin has arrived!

The new Bulletin has arrived in your inbox. Renamed Bulletin for the CERN Community , this new-style newsletter covers all of the news and announcements published on the CERN Community page.

From now on, the newsletter and the website will give you the same information:

  • To keep up to date with news, official communications, events, training and other CERN announcements, check the CERN Community website, which is frequently updated.
  • Like the old Bulletin, the Bulletin for the CERN Community will be automatically sent to you twice a month. It will contain links to the articles and announcements published on the CERN Community website over the past fortnight.

In short, find things out more quickly on the CERN Community website and receive a compilation in the newsletter every fortnight.

All articles published since March 2016 are on the CERN Community website. You can search the website using the search bar in the bottom right corner of the page. To search in English go to the English site, or to search in French go to the French site. For articles published before March 2016, consult the CDS archives. From now on, PDF versions of the Bulletin will also be archived in CDS.

If the newsletter is not correctly displayed when it arrives in your inbox, please be patient. Our team is all set to deal with the new system’s teething problems.

The paper version of the Bulletin for the CERN community is automatically extracted from the website, there may be some (inevitable) layout issues. The list of seminars, events and training sessions no longer appear in the paper version, as the list is updated daily and may be out of date by the time the new Bulletin goes to print. For an up to date list of events please see the website.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at writing-team@cern.ch.

You can submit an idea for an article or announcement by completing this form.

Happy reading!

The Editorial Content Development Section, Education, Communication and Outreach group