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Photowalk 2018: CERN winners join global competition

The three winning photographs from CERN’s Photowalk now join the Global Physics Photowalk. Vote for your favourite


Photowalk 2018 - Cedric Favero
Taken in the Antimatter hall, this picture won first prize in the CERN competition. It shows one of the photographers from the Photowalk in front of huge concrete blocks surrounding the Antiproton Decelerator (AD) (Image: CERN)

CERN has announced the winners of its ‘Photowalk 2018: Behind the Scenes’ competition. The three winning photographs, selected from among 200 entries, will now go on to be judged in a global competition.

On 1 June, 20 photographers from around the world visited CERN, cameras at the ready, to find out what goes on behind the scenes at the Laboratory.

A jury from CERN chose the 20 best photos from the event as well as two of the three winners, based not only on artistic and aesthetic merit, but also on the aspects of the Laboratory that they highlighted. The third winner was chosen by a public vote.

First prize went to an image of a photographer in front of huge concrete blocks surrounding the Antiproton Decelerator (AD). Second prize went to an image of a magnet in the SMI2 magnet assembly hall. The final prize was the winner of a public vote, taken in the CERN Control Centre (CCC).

Photowalk,Life at CERN
Taken in the magnet assembly hall (SMI2), this picture won second prize. It shows a magnet, the same as those used in the LHC (Image: Sergi Colome/CERN)

The CERN winners now join Photowalk winners from 16 other physics laboratories in a global competition. The overall winners will be selected by an international judging panel and a public vote. The winning photographs will feature in Symmetry magazine and the CERN Courier and will be displayed at the various participating laboratories.

Photowalk,Life at CERN
This picture, taken in the CERN Control Centre, won the CERN competition’s public vote (Image: Emiliano Calderon/CERN)

You can vote for your favourite photographs on the ‘Global Physics Photowalk’ website. Voting is open until 16 September.

All the photographs taken at CERN are available on the CERN Document Server.