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‘Photowalk’: Vote for your favourite pictures!

CERN announces the winners of the CERN Photowalk 2015. The three winning photos will now enter into the global competition


CERN has announced the winners of its ‘Photowalk 2015: Behind the Scenes’ competition. The three winning photographs, selected from among 160 entries, will now go on to be judged in a global competition.

On 25 September, 19 photographers from all over the world visited CERN, cameras at the ready, to find out what goes on behind the scenes at the Laboratory. They had the opportunity to take photographs of daily life on the CERN site, as well as of facilities including the Linac 4 linear accelerator, the main workshop and ISOLDE.

The CERN judging panel selected three photographs as the joint winners, based not only on their artistic and aesthetic merit, but also on the aspects of the Laboratory that they highlight: scientific heritage, cutting-edge technologies and the transfer of knowledge.

Life at CERN
(Image: CERN/Gaetano Cessati)

This photograph, taken by Gaetano Cessati, represents the history and heritage that made CERN what it is today. It was taken in the Organization’s archives, where many documents that belonged to the physicist Wolfgang Pauli, bequeathed to CERN after his death, are stored.

Life at CERN
(Image: CERN/Andrew Richard Hara )

Andrew Richard Hara’s photograph brings us back to the present with an example of the technologies and innovations that we see every day at CERN. This image shows the brand-new Linac 4 accelerator.

Life at CERN
(Image: CERN/Robert Hradil)

This conversation in the CERN restaurant, captured by Robert Hradil, represents the link between the past and the present. The photograph illustrates the transfer of knowledge between generations of scientists.


Seven other physics laboratories have organised their own Photowalk event and, like CERN, will enter their three best photographs in the global competition. The overall winners will be selected by an international judging panel and a public vote. The winning photographs will feature in Symmetry magazine and the CERN Courier and will be displayed at the various laboratories.

You can vote for your favourite photographs on the ‘Global Physics Photowalk’ website. Voting is open until 30 November.

All the photographs taken at CERN are available here.
Read the press release.