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From U2 to TEDxCERN: visual artist shows CERN in new light

Award-winning artist, Jeff Frost – who will present at CERN’s TEDx this week – captures CERN’s colourful side


Visual artist Jeff Frost, commissioned by the band U2, visits CERN. (Video: CERN)

This year, speakers at TEDxCERN are invited to push beyond the boundaries of academia in a way that will inform our present and change our future. So when world-renowned visual artist, Jeff Frost, visited in April, and produced a piece of inspired art that showed CERN research in an entirely new light, it was clear that he should join the TEDxCERN lineup.

Frost combines painting, photography, music and sound design in his art, made up from hundreds of thousands of high-resolution photographs that he builds up one frame at a time using stop motion and time-lapse techniques.

His videos reveal an abstract image of CERN's Globe of Science and Innovation, the computing centre and other areas at CERN. 

Frost was originally commissioned by the band U2 to produce a piece of art resembling the human neural network, and the highly colourful videos seen in the short film shown above are the result. The images were used on stage as U2 sang “Miracle Drug” in Vancouver, as part of their ongoing Innocence+Experience tour.

When asked which CERN site provided the best inspiration, Frost replied ‘’They all have their own unique character, I couldn’t pick a favourite and that’s being honest not diplomatic, I just can’t.’’

From the content Frost collected on his visit, he has also produced a piece exclusively for TEDxCERN that will be unveiled at the event.

Watch the TEDxCERN webcast this Friday via the event website.