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Children of members of the personnel who are not nationals of a European economic area country or of Switzerland

Work experience during professional training and certificate of surrender of the special residence permit

The French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE) has issued a reminder to CERN that family members who hold a special residence permit must keep it throughout the duration of the main card holder’s affiliation with CERN and, in the case of children, until the age of 21.

Children who are completing professional training in France are authorised, as part of said training, to undertake work experience for a maximum of 964 hours per year, i.e. 60% of a full-time job.

When they turn 21, children wishing to remain in France must request a certificate of surrender of their special residence permit from the MEAE, through CERN. This certificate will be essential for requesting a "carte de séjour" from their local préfecture.

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