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Joint Advisory Appeals Board


The Joint Advisory Appeals Board has examined an internal appeal lodged by a staff member against the Director-General’s decision, which concluded an arbitration procedure concerning the methodology of calculation of the salary increase annual budget in the context of the 2022 MERIT Guidelines and the decisions to qualify their personal performance during the year of 2021 as “strong”.

This appeal was receivable only regarding the individual performance qualification decision and resulting performance reward.

In application of Article R VI 1.18 of the Staff Regulations, and in agreement with the appellant, the final decision of the Director-General, dated 10 May 2023, and the report of the Board are being brought to the attention of the members of personnel.

These documents will be available from 12 February 2024 until 1 March 2024 via this link: https://indico.cern.ch/event/1380072/