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Measures for entry and medical treatment in Switzerland

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Swiss authorities have restricted entry into Switzerland. Only Swiss citizens, holders of a residence permit in Switzerland (including a FDFA legitimation card), and persons with a certified professional reason for entering Switzerland may enter the country.

Non-Swiss citizens and persons not holding a valid Swiss resident permit may not, in principle, travel to Switzerland to receive medical treatment.

However, exceptions may be granted in particular when a person is in a situation of absolute necessity. The continuation of a medical treatment that has begun in Switzerland and cannot be postponed without endangering the patient's life is one of the grounds for absolute necessity, as stated in the Directive of the State Secretariat for Migration.

The person concerned must therefore be able to present, when crossing the border, a certificate issued and signed by the Swiss treating doctor stating that the patient must imperatively continue their medical treatment which cannot be postponed without endangering their life and indicating the date on which the medical treatment began in Switzerland.

In order to facilitate the crossing of the border, the person must send a prior request by e-mail to the Swiss Mission (geneve.visa@eda.admin.ch). This request must be accompanied by documentary evidence and indicate the planned point of entry into Switzerland. This will enable the Swiss Mission where applicable to authorise the person's entry into Switzerland and to notify the relevant border post accordingly in advance.

The Host State Relations service (relations.secretariat@cern.ch) is at the disposal for any question prior to the process of contacting the Swiss Mission.

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