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New CERN safety rule for cables

The CERN Safety Rules listed below have been published on the CERN website dedicated to the Safety Rules : specific Safety Instruction SSI-FS-2-1 “Fire Safety and Radiation Resistance requirements for Cables”. 

This Specific Safety Instructions cancels and replaces Safety Instruction IS 23. 

The SSI-FS-2-1 defines the minimum Safety requirements with respect to fire performance and resistance to ionising radiation of insulation and sheathing materials of cables used in CERN installations. It applies to cables purchased by or on behalf of CERN or otherwise brought onto the CERN site as from the date of its entry into force.  Cables that are part of CE marked equipment are not subject to this Specific Safety Instruction.

The SSI-FS-2-1 is complemented by Safety Guideline SG-FS-2-1-1 which provides guidance as to the implementation of SSI-FS-2-1 in particular with regard to the certification and selection of Cable materials.

The fire performance requirements set out in the SSI-FS-2-1 refer to the European Construction Products Regulation (CPR) and are thus aligned with common industrial standards and certification processes. This will facilitate the procurement of cables. The new rule allows for flexibility with regards to specific types of cables and in-kind contributions. Tailored procedures based on risk assessments strike a balance between CERNs functional needs and the level of Safety required.

The CERN Safety Rules apply to all persons under the Director-General’s authority. They are available under the following link: https://www.cern.ch/safety-rules