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Publication of CERN Safety Rules


The CERN Safety Rules listed below have been published on the CERN website dedicated to the Safety Rules:

  • General Safety Instruction "Project Safety Officer - PSO",  GSI-SO-7 
  • General Safety Instruction "Laser Safety Support Officer - LSSO", GSI-SO-14
  • General Safety Instruction "Location Responsible", GSI-SO-15
  • Specific Safety Instruction “Cryogenic Safety Officer – CSO”, SSI-SO-6-1
  • Specific Safety Instruction “Flammable gas Safety Officer – FGSO”, SSI-SO-6-2
  • Specific Safety Instruction “Radiation Safety Officer – RSO”, SSI-SO-6-3

These rules set out Safety officer mandates completing the list of mandates already published within the Safety Organisation rules cluster. 

They will facilitate the appointment of the Safety officers concerned and ensure consistency across the Organisation in the definition and scope of the functions concerned. The Project Safety Officer mandate already exists but has been updated in the light of return of experience. 

The CERN Safety Rules apply to all persons under the Director-General’s authority. They are available under the following link: http://www.cern.ch/safety-rules.