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Revised administrative circulars


The following revised administrative circulars have been approved by the Director-General and will enter into force on 1 July 2023:

These revisions cancel and replace Administrative Circular No. 5 (Rev.2), dated November 2016, Administrative Circular No. 12A (Rev.3), dated September 2017, and Administrative Circular No. 12B (Rev.4), dated October 2022.

The purpose of these modifications is to reflect, where applicable, the amendments to Article R IV 1.08 of the Staff Regulations on the non-concurrence of family benefits, presented to the Council at its session in June 2023.

These modifications are summarised as follows:

  • In §15 of AC5, §51 of AC12 A and §49 of AC12 B:

The new wording clarifies that benefits to which a person other than a family member is entitled, such as benefits paid to non-spouses (e.g. another parent, in the case of stepchildren) or a former spouse, are also subject to the non-concurrence principle.

  • In §16 and 17 of AC5, §52 and 53 of AC 12 A and §50 and 51 of AC12 B:

The circulars now include a reference to the obligation for members of the personnel to report concurrent benefits. It is further specified that members of the personnel are required to make all efforts in good faith to obtain the necessary information regarding benefits received by the other parent of their dependent child.

The French versions of these circulars are under preparation and will be communicated later.