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Right of 'travailleurs frontaliers' to opt for a health insurance system


Members of personnel are reminded that their spouses who have “travailleur frontalier” (cross-border commuter) status are obliged to formally choose a health insurance system (Swiss or French) within three months of taking up employment in Switzerland.

The choice of health insurance system is irrevocable and cannot be changed at a later date, except under very specific conditions*.

Those who do not exercise their option risk being automatically enrolled in the Swiss health insurance system (LAMal). In this case, we are bound to inform you that the Swiss insurer has the right to issue a penalty that could amount to the equivalent of several years of contributions, even if your spouse was already insured in France. We therefore recommend that you strictly adhere to this three months deadline.

We would also like to remind you that since starting work in Switzerland typically entails important changes to the person’s health insurance status and/or the income of their spouse, staff members and fellows must complete a SHIPID declaration. This must be done within the 30 calendar days following the spouse’s taking up employment in Switzerland or receiving the first payslip communicating the gross income.

Click here to see the procedure for joining a health insurance system.


*See procedure on p.4 of the “Choice of health insurance system” form (formulaire du choix du système d'assurance-maladie).