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Zoom becomes the official video conference system at CERN

As of 1st February 2021, Vidyo, the former video conference service will be deprecated

After a long pilot phase over 2020, Zoom is in production since 7th December 2020, and is now the official video conference service at CERN. 

The transition between the former video conference system and the new one will be finalised by 1st February 2021, with the Vidyo service being retired. Vidyo meeting organisers have been contacted by email in December 2020 to encourage them to transition their meetings to Zoom as soon as possible, and at the latest by 1st February 2021. More information is available on this dedicated page with regards to the transition to the new service: https://videoconference.web.cern.ch/t/transition-from-vidyo-to-zoom/208.

The major Zoom service features at CERN are the following ones:

A one-hour online training course is organised on 15 January at 16:00 CET (no prior registration required). It will present how to log in, schedule Zoom meetings with Indico, use the Zoom desktop application, host meetings (controls), make the most of the mobile applications and benefit from resources and support. This training course will be recorded. 

More information about the Zoom conference service and tutorials can be found on the following dedicated portal: https://videoconference.web.cern.ch/t/about-the-zoom-cern-service/24

The CERN Service Desk will answer any question you may have in relation to the regular use of the Zoom service. If you have any question related to the Vidyo-Zoom transition, or should you need help to migrate a specific use case, please reach us at vidyo-support@cern.ch  or zoom-support@cern.ch  respectively.

The video conference service team, CDA group, IT department


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