Finding Happiness in Patent Information Databases

Finding Happiness in Patent Information Databases
(Image: CERN)

CERN’s Knowledge Transfer Group will be running the one day training session “Finding Happiness in Patent Information Databases” on 7 May 2019 at the CERN Training Centre.  Learn about the anatomy of patents and patent information databases and why it matters. 

Description of the course:

  • Brief introduction to knowledge transfer at CERN
  • Fundamentals of intellectual property and patents
  • Anatomy of a patent vs scientific publication
  • Patent classification
  • Introduction to publicly accessible patent information databases
  • Searching public access patent information databases (Espacenet and Google Patents)
  • Data analysis on patent information

If you are interested contact:  or sign up directly in the CERN Training Catalogue:

This course is aimed at CERN personnel, but is also open to Users and Alumni.