CERN openlab technical workshop to kick off new three-year phase

CERN openlab technical workshop 2020
Last year’s technical workshop was held in the CERN Council Chamber. This year’s event will take place online. (Image: CERN)

CERN openlab’s annual technical workshop will take place on 9-11 March. The event will take place online each afternoon (CET). Today, 34 joint R&D projects are being carried out through CERN openlab. These are spread across the laboratory and involve leading tech companies such as Intel, Oracle, Siemens, Micron and Google.

Many of these innovative projects — as well as several new investigations — will be presented during the three-day workshop. Tuesday will be dedicated to exascale high-throughput and high-performance computing technologies, Wednesday to artificial intelligence (AI) and work with research fields beyond high-energy physics, and Thursday to quantum technologies.

At 16:50 CET on Thursday 11 March, Alberto Di Meglio, the head of CERN openlab, will present a high-level roadmap for CERN openlab’s new phase. This will also include a brief overview of plans for marking CERN openlab’s 20th anniversary later in 2021. We encourage you to join us for this session, or any other that appeals to you. Visit the Indico page to see the timetable and take your pick. Wherever you work at CERN, you’re welcome to join us.

Please find the Indico page for CERN openlab’s 2021 technical workshop here: