Neutrinos take centre stage

Established in 2013 CERN's Neutrino Platform ensures Europe’s participation in next-generation long- and short-baseline neutrino experiments in Japan


When CERN was founded in 1954, the neutrino was technically still a figment of theorists’ imaginations. Six decades later, neutrinos have become the most studied of all elementary particles. Several new and upgraded neutrino-beam experiments planned in Japan and the US, in addition to the reactor-based JUNO experiment in China, aim to measure vital parameters such as the ordering of the neutrino masses and potential CP-violating effects in the neutrino sector. In support of this effort, CERN is mounting a significant R&D programme called the CERN Neutrino Platform to strengthen European participation in neutrino physics...

Read more in the July/August 2016 issue of the CERN Courier