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Video conferences: Please move from VidyoDesktop to VidyoConnect

All Vidyo users are kindly asked to switch as soon as possible to VidyoConnect (the replacement for VidyoDesktop, as announced in August 2018) for connecting to a video conference. Using the former client is affecting the quality of the whole video conference. 

Linux users have to move to VidyoConnect for WebRTC. Mac and Windows users can either choose VidyoConnect for WebRTC or the VidyoConnect desktop application. Please use https://vidyoportal.cern.ch as the portal.

We remind mobile users that they can use the VidyoConnectMobile app on their device to join a Vidyo video conference. This app is available on Google Play or on the Apple App Store.

We recommend doing the transition to VidyoConnect as soon as possible to improve the quality for everyone and because the old client is now deprecated by Vidyo.

More information about VidyoConnect: https://support.vidyocloud.com/hc/en-us/sections/115000595753-Using-VidyoConnect-

The CERN video conference team