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CERN’s Knowledge Transfer group invites you to make an impact on society

The Knowledge Transfer group supports you in your efforts to make society benefit from the technologies developed at CERN (Video: CERN)

As part of its knowledge-transfer mission, CERN’s Knowledge Transfer group (CERN KT) supports the application of CERN’s technology and its researchers’ advanced skills and knowledge in many different areas.

The people working at CERN possess unique know-how and expertise, and cutting-edge technologies are continuously being developed at the Laboratory. These may have great potential outside of CERN, and could have a positive impact on whole industries, as well as society in general. However, this does not happen all by itself, and sometimes it can be helpful to have support during the process of commercialisation.

The CERN KT group has knowledge and experience in the various aspects of taking innovative ideas to the market, and can help you understand the potential of your technology, assisting you through any stage of the technology transfer process with a tailored strategy, while supporting your work with dedicated funds and incentives. More specifically, we offer assistance with:

  • Market assessment
  • Patentability studies
  • Technology disclosure
  • Intellectual Property management
  • Contract negotiation
  • Financial support
  • Assistance in spin-off creation
  • Formal and practical training in business, entrepreneurship and knowledge transfer

Find out about the ways you can get involved in CERN's Knowledge Transfer activities on: kt.cern/cern-community

Contact us: kt@cern.ch

Discover CERN’s Knowledge Transfer Highlights 2019 [PDF]