Curious about how the pension fund is securing your future?

The latest addition to the Pension Fund's push for transparency is the publication of the Annual Investment Report on the Pension Fund website


Transparency, accuracy and proximity to its members: in recent years the CERN Pension Fund has put a huge effort into creating clear procedures, defining and sharing its strategies, and making its information public. The latest addition is the publication of the Annual Investment Report on the Pension Fund website.

Are you curious about the investments made by the CERN and ESO Pension Fund? Do you want to locate the buildings belonging to the Fund? Or see how the Fund controls its risk level? Help is at hand: the Pension Fund has just released the Annual Investment Report (AIR) on its website. “The online AIR will be updated quarterly to include the latest investment performance of the Fund, shortly after the end of every quarter,” says Théodore Economou, the Pension Fund’s Chief Executive Officer. “This is a significant improvement in the frequency of distribution of information regarding investments. Until now, stakeholders had to wait for the publication of the financial statements, which occurs only once a year.”

“This improvement was made possible by the 2012 implementation of a single master custodian structure, where all assets are now held by a single independent custodian. Therefore we are now able to get daily, monthly and quarterly investment performance figures,” he explains.

The online AIR presents in a concise format the Fund’s performance versus its objectives, risk compliance and asset allocation, as well as its real-estate portfolio. The report also includes the investment mandate, the compliance framework and the risk management process. “The publication of the AIR reflects industry best practice in our category of defined-benefit pension plans and is in line with the Fund’s strategy to properly inform its stakeholders,” says Théodore Economou.

If you are a fan of figures and percentages or are simply curious about the location and surface areas of the apartments or the number of hectares of woodland the Fund owns, visit the Pension Fund website to access the 2013 AIR (2nd quarter).