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Environmental awareness: Can CERN innovation be used to tackle environmental challenges?


Environmental awareness poster CIPEA
(Image: CERN)

On 8 March, tune in for the kick-off meeting of the CERN Innovation Programme on Environmental Applications (CIPEA) and explore how your work at CERN could address major environmental challenges.

Read more about how you can get involved in CIPEA here.

This infographic is part of the series “CERN’s Year of Environmental Awareness”.


CERN’s Knowledge Transfer (KT) group has the mission to transfer the innovations produced by CERN experts to fields beyond high-energy physics, maximising the global positive impact of CERN on society. This is made possible in particular through industry in the Member and Associate Member States. From 2022, KT is focusing its efforts on five main application areas: medical, aerospace, digital, quantum and environment. Every year, some 50 knowledge transfer contracts are signed, and many more technologies are identified internally, spanning all application fields.