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Environmental awareness: CERN's process for minimising environmental noise

Noise infographic
(Image: CERN)

In the design phase of a new project, CERN takes into account the 2018 reference levels for noise limits, the new noise source characteristics, and noise from existing infrastructure. The data is then processed by a 3D georeferenced modelling software. Mitigation measures are defined where needed, based on the results of the modelling.

Before the operation phase of new equipment, the Organization controls noise to verify that the levels remain within the set limits.

In addition, CERN monitors the noise impact of existing equipment through noise campaigns organised annually in the month of September.

Mitigation measures are defined where noise levels exceed the set limits.

Questions regarding environmental noise can be sent to environment.info@cern.ch


This infographic is part of the “CERN’s Year of Environmental Awareness” series.