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Give your IT equipment a second life and reduce waste


2021 Tidy-up day
2021 Tidy-up day (Image: CERN)

18 September is World Clean-up Day. This is the perfect opportunity to join the ongoing SCE recycling campaign and to take action on waste by respecting the three Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle.

The Storage, Recuperation and Sales service, part of the Site and Civil Engineering (SCE) department, is running a campaign to collect broken, obsolete or unused IT equipment. As part of the overall objective of reducing waste, the service will either give them a new lease of life or recycle them properly.

Whether you choose to seize the opportunity of World Clean-up Day, or indeed of “Tidy-up Week”, to sort out your desk drawers or you prefer to wait for a more convenient date, remember that computer equipment that is no longer in use should be recycled.

Simply bring your no-longer-used computer, IT equipment (workstations, laptops, mice, smartphones, screens, peripherals, batteries, cables, hardware, etc.) or printers, regardless of their condition, to Building 133. You can also contact the Storage, Recuperation and Sales service or your group secretary to find out who is the departmental contact person who can help you dispose of your old equipment.

Having a sort-out is good for the mind and promotes well-being.

Recycling is good for the planet and our future.

Computer equipment recycling and refurbishing is an important part of our Organization’s sustainable waste strategy. Thanks to this campaign, no-longer-used equipment will be properly wiped and recycled, or potentially repaired and reused. Get involved!