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LHCb celebrates prizewinners


LHCb awarded its annual prizes at its recent collaboration week. As usual, prizes were awarded for outstanding contributions made by early-career scientists and for the best PhD theses. In addition, for the first time, awards were given for outstanding technical contributions to LHCb. The final industry award for contributions to LHCb Upgrade I was also presented.

The following early-career scientists won prizes for their outstanding contributions:

  • Abhijit Mathad, for his development of an offline analysis tool;
  • Christina Agapopoulou and Marian Stahl, for their contributions to the high-level trigger software;
  • Edoardo Franzoso and Gary Robertson, for their commissioning work on the RICH detector;
  • Florian Reiss, Sophie Hollitt, Jake Reich and Biljana Mitreska, for their contributions to the alignment of the detector;
  • Giovanni Bassi, for the implementation of FPGA-based VELO clustering.

The following collaboration members won awards for their outstanding technical contributions, in the category’s inaugural year:

  • Pascal Sainvitu, for his work on the construction and installation of all LHCb subdetectors;
  • Karol Sawczuk, for his contributions to the operation of the Data Centre;
  • Kevin McCormick, for his activities on the construction of the VELO detector;
  • Petr Gorbounov, Dimitra Andreou, Federico de Benedetti and Mark Tobin, for their efforts on the construction and installation of the UT detector;
  • Rodolphe Gonzales, Norbert Adjadj, Magali Magne, Christophe Insa and Andreas Zosgornik, for their contributions to the construction and installation of the scintillating fibre detector.

The winners of the 2023 LHCb thesis prize are Saverio Mariani (Fixed-target physics for the LHCb experiment at CERN) and Peter Švihra (Developing a silicon pixel detector for the next-generation LHCb experiment).

The LHCb industry award, which recognises excellence in collaborations between companies and institutes, was presented to the German company ADCO for their production of carbon composite components for the scintillating fibre detector. Michael König, Herbert Schneider and Martin Solowski represented the company at CERN to receive their trophy.

Many congratulations to all the winners!