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We love your CERN poems


CERN community, we asked you to send us your CERN-related Valentine’s poems, thank you for all the entries that we received! It wasn’t easy to pick a favourite, but in the end, here is our winning English poem:

Ninety five percent of the Universe
has not been discovered, yet
My search for perfection stopped
when I saw you – si parfaite

You Opened the Gateway to my heart
You’re in all my Ideas, fair and Square
The force that draws me to you
Is stronger than the ions from LEIR

I had my whole week blocked
To just look at you in awe
until you broke my heart by saying
“I work in Prevessin”

When it comes to you,
I don’t have to think twice
Will you meet me halfway
At CERN Animal Shelter for Computer Mice?

In the end it’s you and me, 
Surrounded by all this neige
Our own little Quantum Entanglement
Where Data becomes Knowledge

By Varsha Bhat (IT/CD)

A special mention also goes to the CMS and ATLAS haikus:

What is CMS?
Compact Muon Solenoid.
The best detector.

By Sofia Hurst (EP/CMX)

I love you, ATLAS.
CMS got long bus rides.
We got point 1. ha.

By Rea Thornberry (EP/UAT)

The authors of the winning English poem and winning French poem each receive a goodie bag from the CERN shop including “I love CERN” socks, an attractive magnetic pencil and a Standard Model notebook to compose more odes to technology.

Thank you once again to everyone who entered. The full list of poems is available here: https://cern.ch/2024-poems (CERN login required).