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A reminder to be alert to fraud attempts concerning your CERN pension

We have received reports of CERN colleagues having been contacted by suspected fraudsters offering to provide advice about pension arrangements at CERN. This has taken the form of telephone calls advising CERN colleagues that the Organization had subscribed to an approved partnership with a financial adviser based on CERN premises, who would offer a free meeting to explain how pensions in Switzerland work and how to maximise their return. Further investigations revealed that the firm was not genuine and that many of the statements made were factually incorrect.

Your colleagues in the Pension Fund Management Unit (PFMU) do not consider this to be a sophisticated fraud attempt, but wish to take the opportunity to remind all colleagues of the following three key messages:

  1. Your pension at CERN is very valuable and may attract fraudsters. If anyone you’re unfamiliar with asks you questions about it or any other assets you have, you should be alert and carefully consider whether or not to engage with them.
  2. No financial advisers are employed or approved by CERN or operate out of CERN premises (besides the UBS branch). If anyone introduces themselves as such or tells you that CERN has asked them to contact you, they should not be trusted.
  3. You are always encouraged to first contact your colleagues in the Pension Fund if you have any questions about your pension benefits.

The Pension Fund Management Unit