LHC experiments prepare for summer conferences

CERN physicists are frantically analysing data in the run-up to ICHEP 2012, this year's major particle-physics conference in Melbourne, Australia

Physicists are busy analyzing data from the LHC's 2012 run so far, in preparation for the ICHEP 2012 conference in Melbourne, Australia, where they will present their latest results. Find out more about how they get these results in the video above.

CERN will hold a scientific seminar at 9am CEST on 4 July to deliver the latest update in the search for the Higgs boson.

The 2012 LHC run schedule was designed to deliver the maximum possible quantity of data to the experiments before the ICHEP conference, and with more data delivered between April and June 2012 than in the whole 2011 run, the strategy has been a success. Furthermore, the experiments have been refining their analysis techniques to improve their efficiency in picking out Higgs-like events from the millions of collisions occurring every second. This means that their sensitivity to new phenomena has significantly increased for both years' data sets.

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