Webcast: How does collaboration shape innovation?

Live from IdeaSquare, CERN's innovation centre, from 13:00 on October 25 2017

Webcast: How does collaboration shape innovation?

IdeaSquare is an innovation hub at CERN (Image: Jean-Claude Gadmer/CERN)

Today,‪ IdeaSquare at CERN is hosting The Other Side of Innovation – a workshop to discover how collaboration across disciplines and rapid prototyping is shaping innovation.

Join us via webcast from 13:00 CEST.

Professor of technology and innovation at ETH Zürich, Stefano Brusoni, will give a talk on the divergent process of innovation, while Bruno Herbelin, deputy director of the Center for Neuroprosthetics at EPFL, will showcase how virtual reality can be used by researchers.

IdeaSquare is an innovation hub at CERN, which aims to bring together people from many fields, to generate new ideas and work on conceptual prototypes related to detector research in an open, collaborative environment.

It brings together CERN personnel, visiting students, and external project collaborators from the domains of research, technology development and education. It also contributes to CERN’s Knowledge Transfer Group, helping them to shape and innovate new product ideas into socially and globally relevant activities.


For more information, visit the event page.