On Track: The latest news and results for AIDA-2020

A new bi-annual “On Track” newsletter provides news and results from the AIDA-2020 European project and the wider detector community


The AIDA-2020 EU project started one year ago, in May 2015, with the aim to group together the High Energy Physics R&D community in Europe – uniting them in the goal of advancing detector technology, and building infrastructures for the future.

A new newsletter “On Track” aims to serve the AIDA-2020 project as well as the wider detector community. Its launch allows the detector community at large to exchange information and results by highlighting new developments in the field and sharing news.

This first issue covers topics including how a versatile pixel-based beam telescope is probing detector components in test beams, how Timepix3 is being used in synchrotron research and how 3D printing can help new silicon detectors to have their fridges built in.

You can read the newsletter here, and sign up to the newsletter here.