Alice goes to Particleland

Comic-book artist Remco Polman delivers the first pages of a comic about particle physics, co-written with high school students on a visit to CERN


Alice goes to Particleland

The first page from Remco Polman's Alice in Particleland, co-written with Belgian high-school students during a visit to CERN (Image: Remco Polman)

Remember the Belgian high-school students who visited CERN in May, and teamed up with Dutch comic-book artist Remco Polman to produce a comic about particle physics?

Well, true to his word, Polman has delivered the first two pages of this outreach comic book for budding particle physicists. In the story, Alice shrinks to a tiny size and meets a variety of characters representing different fundamental particles. See the first page above, and page two below. 


(Image: Remco Polman)