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Update type English Français For the public For the CERN community
News home.cern/api/news/news/feed.rss home.cern/fr/api/news/news/feed.rss
Press release home.cern/api/news/press-release/feed.rss home.cern/fr/api/news/press-release/feed.rss
Feature home.cern/api/news/feature/feed.rss home.cern/fr/api/news/feature/feed.rss
Announcement home.cern/api/news/announcement/feed.rss home.cern/fr/api/news/announcement/feed.rss
Official news home.cern/api/news/official-news/feed.rss home.cern/fr/api/news/official-news/feed.rss
Opinion home.cern/api/news/opinion/feed.rss home.cern/fr/api/news/opinion/feed.rss
All updates home.cern/api/news/feed.rss home.cern/fr/api/news/feed.rss

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Category English Français
Physics home.cern/api/topic/physics/feed.rss home.cern/fr/api/topic/physics/feed.rss
Experiments home.cern/api/topic/experiments/feed.rss home.cern/fr/api/topic/experiments/feed.rss
Accelerators home.cern/api/topic/accelerators/feed.rss home.cern/fr/api/topic/accelerators/feed.rss
Engineering home.cern/api/topic/engineering/feed.rss home.cern/fr/api/topic/engineering/feed.rss
Computing home.cern/api/topic/computing/feed.rss home.cern/fr/api/topic/computing/feed.rss
Knowledge sharing home.cern/api/topic/knowledge-sharing/feed.rss home.cern/fr/api/topic/knowledge-sharing/feed.rss
At CERN home.cern/api/topic/at-cern/feed.rss home.cern/fr/api/topic/at-cern/feed.rss

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Tag URL English Français
<example-tag> home.cern/tags/<example-tag> home.cern/api/tag/<example-tag>/feed.rss home.cern/fr/api/tag/<example-tag>/feed.rss
Higgs boson home.cern/tags/higgs-boson home.cern/api/tag/higgs-boson/feed.rss home.cern/fr/api/tag/higgs-boson/feed.rss

Events aggregated from Indico

We pull in the following event categories from Indico.

ID Description Students CERN community Scientists - computing Scientists - physics Scientists - acc. & tech Scientists - all upcoming
72 Academic training lecture regular programme   X   X   X
75 CERN colloquium   X        
78 CERN Heavy Ion Forum       X   X
82 Computing seminars     X     X
84 Detector seminars         X X
92 Science and Society   X        
96 Staff Association Conference   X        
97 Summer student lecture programme X          
100 TH theoretical seminar       X   X
104 TH String Theory Seminar       X   X
115 ISOLDE seminar       X   X
145 Cosmology and particle astrophysics       X   X
167 CERN Computing Colloquium   X X     X
281 HERA/LHC workshops         X X
374 TH Exceptional Seminar       X   X
375 TH Cosmo coffee       X   X
376 TH Informal Lattice Meeting       X   X
379 TH Journal Club on String Theory       X   X
555 SLHC workshops         X X
830 ISOLDE workshops       X   X
1050 POSIPOL       X   X
1058 ACCU   X        
1174 WLCG workshops     X     X
1249 Globe   X        
1279 Schools X          
1280 Library events   X        
1499 Film Making Club   X        
1537 LHC accelerator         X X
1546 TH Institutes       X   X
1558 TH Informal seminar       X   X
1591 PH-ESE Electronics Seminars         X X
1812 POCPA - power converters for particle accelerators         X X
1916 ACAT Advanced computing....     X     X
2044 ESI-EIRO school on instrumentation         X X
2051 John Adams lecture   X   X   X
2109 Particle and Astro-Particle Physics Seminars       X   X
2200 CERN Council   X        
2384 Conferences & Workshops       X   X
2387 TH BSM Forum       X   X
2510 HEPiX workshops     X     X
2564 Accelerator science and technology         X X
2687 LHC status reports         X X
2689 LPCC workshops       X   X
2725 A&T seminar         X X
2815 EuCARD Annual Meetings         X X
2911 Computer security days   X X     X
2943 DITANET beam diagnostics         X X
3063 HL-LHC         X X
3101 ENTICE   X        
3210 LIU workshops         X X
3221 Collider cross talk       X   X
3247 EP Seminars       X   X
3249 LHC Seminar (PH)       X   X
3407 IT Technical Forum     X     X
3427 LHCC   X   X   X
3501 HR Public Meetings   X        
3509 CERN Colloquium and Library Science Talk       X   X
3900 ATLAS Outreach Public Workshops & Events   X        
4212 ICFA workshops         X X
4255 Openlab summer student lecture programme X          
4687 Diversity events   X        
5130 CLIC Workshops         X X
5327 IdeaSquare - Workshops & Events   X        
5699 CLIC Detector and Physics Workshops       X   X
5805 Medical Applications Seminars   X     X X
6017 Public Seminars   X        
6767 Commemorations   X        
6771 Spectacles   X        
6798 HEP computing     X     X
6812 INTC - ISOLDE and nTOF committee       X   X
6813 SPSC         X X
7501 BE Seminars         X X
7502 BI Seminars         X X
8022 Arts@CERN   X        
8140 DG presentations to personnel   X        
8141 TEDxCERN   X        
8142 Events for the CERN-based community   X        
8143 Arts and Science   X        
9333 Alumni collisions   X        
9609 PBC Seminars       X   X
9645 Openlab Promoted Events   X        
9699 Entrepreneurship Meetups   X        
9700 KT Seminars   X     X X
10101 PER Seminar   X        
12909 QTI Lectures   X       X