The November/December issue of the CERN Courier is out,Miscellaneous

Welcome to a special issue of the Courier to celebrate the opening of CERN Science Gateway. In addition to lifting the lid on this new flagship facility for science education and outreach, we explore the broader issues surrounding education, communication and outreach in particle physics (p27). Delving into Science Gateway’s exhibition spaces, experts reflect on four stunning art installations (p36), the secrets of success for an interactive exhibit (p31) and the power of objects (p39). Following a deep dive into the new educational labs (p41), learn about CERN’s activities in physics-education research (p43), the impact of its hugely popular teacher programmes (p45), and how particle physics is integrated in school curricula (p47). From empowering children (p49) to taking physics to festivals (p50) and transcending physical and neurological boundaries (p51), three articles emphasise the importance of reaching out as far and wide as possible. Last but certainly not least, we consider the invaluable role played by physicists (p52 and 53) and weave the rich experiences of CERN guides throughout the pages.

It’s business as usual in the rest of the issue – that is, if you consider the first measurement of the freefall of antimatter (p7), the first high-energy observation of entanglement (p15) or a 5σ discrepancy between theory and experiment (p8) business as usual. Other highlights include an interview with the incoming KEK director-general (p58), the latest conference reports (p19), careers (p62) and reviews (p60).

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